art + alchemy for Mind, Body and Spirit

Inspired elemental art and herbal remedies
to re-awaken wild wonder and encourage intentional well-being





Flower Essences

Vibrational homeopathic remedies for emotional healing
to support Mind-Body Health and Soul Development.

I create specialty Flower Essences by working with plants on Lenni Lenape land in their natural habitat and among my garden for optimal potency and purity. I also create Flower Essence blends as body sprays with Hydrosols and as Healing Mists with Essential Oils. My stock list is below. Feel free to reach out for customized essences and blends. Read more about Flower Essences here

*Snowdrop ~ Courage in Transition

*Gorse ~ Hope

*Lavender ~ Inner Peace

Sunflower ~ Soul Radiance

Borage ~ Courage & Optimism

Zinnia ~ Joy

Love Lies Bleeding ~ Transform Hardships

Chamomile ~ Emotional Balance

Calendula ~ Soul Speak

Dandelion ~ Balanced Vitality

Nasturtium ~ Head to the Heart

Yarrow Aura Blend ~ Everyday

Boundaries and Protection

Rose of Sharon ~ Release Responsibility

Iris ~ Inspired Artistry

Buttercup ~ Self Assurance

Clematis ~ Be Here Now

Chicory ~ Nourished Neediness

Hibiscus ~ Passion/Sexuality

Mugwort ~ Awaken Your Dreams

Begonia ~ Emotional Freedom

Bleeding Heart ~ Open Heart

Sweet Snap Pea ~ Social Roots

Self Heal ~ Wholeness + Wellness

Star of Bethleham ~ For Shock or Trauma

Fuchsia ~ Embodied Intense Emotions

Black-Eyed Susan ~ Self Aware Shadow

Teasel ~ specific for Lyme effects

*Made in Scotland and Ireland



Elixirs, Tinctures, Oxymels, and Syrups are herbal extracts in honey and brandy, vodka, apple cider vinegar and vegetable glycerin. These menstruums are remedies for physical and mental ease.

My Tulsi Rose Elixir in honey and brandy or glycerin is my beloved specialty ~ Tulsi revitalizes the body by strengthening its innate healing abilities with vitality and Rose harmonizes the healing process while opening the heart.
I also offer a simple of Tulsi Elixir for fortitude & a simple of Rose Elixir for the heart, love, grief tending and the comfort of sweetness.

Available Tinctures in Vodka ~ Stinging Nettles, Mimosa, Blue Vervain, Gotu Kola, Passionflower.
Seasonal Remedies ~ Elderberry Syrup and Vinegar of the Four Thieves for Immune System Stregthening.


Herbs and Teas

Garden grown and locally foraged seasonal small batch herbal tea remedies. Herbs have been unchanged since the dawn of time and can invoke an ancient remembering and connection to our ancestral roots.

My handcrafted Apothecary products are available for purchase on Etsy.

Contact me for custom requests and consultations.



I love to connect with people on a personal level~ it is a beautiful process getting to understand all that makes us individuals~ what nourishes our needs and sparks our desires. Consults are the best way for me to provide educated suggestions for which path and sacred tools are possible and most beneficial for growth and healing. Each of my consults offer recommendations and invitations to begin a journey with herbal remedies and rituals to support optimal nourishment, vitality and purpose along your path.

I believe that the medicine we need is the medicine that grows all around us. I enjoy working with herbs that are native to local and ancestral lands ~ that of the Leni Lenape and of my Celtic roots of Ireland and Scotland. Wild foraging allows me to spend more time understanding the medicine of plants growing in harmony with their natural habitat and how they align with the seasons and the cosmos.

For more information about Flower Essence Consults
and Astro-Herbal Consults click here.


Hello, I'm Katie...

I am a folk herbalist, artist, alchemist, gardener and Flower Essence guide. I feel that the right sacred tools and wellness practices are what is most needed for our evolution in this new paradigm. My Sacred Vessel Arts offerings are created with the intent to re-awaken wild wonder and encourage intentional well-being in individuals and within the community.

My wellness products are garden grown, locally wild harvested and personally handcrafted in small batches and in harmony with the seasons to invoke mind-body-spirit healing and transformation. My art is a reflection of my journeys and the inspiration I find in nature. Exploration and curiosity of the sacred and the mysterious guide a weaving of ancient patterns and ancestral nostalgia throughout my work. These Sacred tools and rituals support my Workshops and Consultations.

I see herbalism and creativity as an empowered act of social justice and practice of the mythic resistance. I live and educate in reciprocity on Leni Lenape land and in reverence of my ancient Irish roots, ancestors and traditions.

I have a BFA in Crafts from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia in Metal and Fiber Art techniques. My studies include Homestead Herbalism, Herbalist A&P, Astro-Herbalism, Flower Essences, Cultural Anthropologyß and Irish Mystery School.


Find me at upcoming 2023 Events/Markets:

MAC Summer Arts Camp in Media, PA Ages 8-12 Session 3: Folk Art July 24th-28th &
Session 6: Mobiles and Metalsmithing August 14th-18th
The Durham Hill Holiday Market on Durham Road in Pipersville, PA - Sat & Sun, Dec 2nd & 3rd 9:30am-8pm